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Wine with Lamb

Lamb is arguably best grilled over a wood fire and served rare or not at all, with a glass of good red wine.  These three local wines are good bets:

Hudson Valley Cabernet Franc Tasting Notes

Glorie Farm Winery 2016 Tart cranberry and pomegranate, cooked herbs and more than a hint of citrus peel lead to a charming, spicy, green herbs-and-pepper finish, with a lingering, gentle tannin.

Cab Franc, Frankly

CONVERSATIONS WITH WINE LOVERS INEVITABLY include discussion of terroir, a French term that generally refers to how the environmental elements in which a wine is produced affect the character of

Stoutridge’s Solar Powered Spirits

IT’S BEEN A LONG TIME coming—10 years to be exact—but Marlboro’s Stoutridge Vineyard has added its name to the ever-growing list of Hudson Valley distilleries. Stoutridge owners Stephen Osborne and Kimberly

Hudson Valley Restaurant Week is back this April 8-21!