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The Vegetable Everybody Hates

IT’S A SHAME THAT MOST people don’t see a Brussels sprout on their plate except at Christmas dinner. During the short time they’re available from local farms (which in the

Smoked Meats

WHILE THE IDEA OF SMOKING meats usually conjures up images of crispy bacon or a slab of barbecued ribs, the technique originated as a means of preservation before it ever

Robert Rosenthal of Stone Church Farm

THROUGHOUT THE HUDSON VALLEY, indeed throughout the country, there likely are few, if any, “farmers” who receive as much acclaim as do Robert Rosenthal and his wife Noelia, who run

Kevin Zraly

IT MIGHT SEEM AS THOUGH Kevin Zraly has led a charmed life. Independent, good-humored, the focus of a full-page Playboy ad in 1978 (“The Playboy reader. His lust is for

Table Talkin’

SOMEONE, SOMEWHERE MUST HAVE WRITTEN a book along the lines of Ten Great Conversation Starters or Sixteen Ways to Enliven Dinner Talk, or something like that. If there is such

The Water Table

QUICK—NAME ONE ESSENTIAL ingredient in virtually every recipe in this issue. (Hint: It’s not truffle oil; it’s not Himalayan salt, either.) Quick—what’s the single most volatile sociopolitical issue worldwide? (Hint:

Reality Checks

WE RECENTLY HEARD FROM AN old friend, a former Hudson Valley resident, an excellent chef and all-around nice guy who moved up to the Adirondacks to find a little more

Hit The Road, Jack

WE RARELY PLAN AN ISSUE of The Valley Table around a single theme or subject, but that’s not to say we don’t sometimes fixate on an idea—sometimes, the stars align

It Was the Best of Times

CHARLES DICKENS LIKELY NEVER EXPERIENCED a hurricane, but the opening lines in A Tale of Two Cities would be apropos to what the Northeast went through a month ago. Compared

The Evolution of Sinterklaas

THE HISTORY OF SANTA CLAUS follows a gripping tale of generosity that dates back to the fourth century and a man named Nicholas, who bestowed gifts anonymously, expecting nothing in

Full Disclosure: Who Makes Your Wine?

IN OCTOBER, PRESIDENT BARACK OBAMA received the Nobel Peace Prize. The award engendered much controversy as many observers of the international scene were flummoxed as to why Obama received this

New York State of Wine: Long Island

EVERY YEAR, I AM FORTUNATE ENOUGH to have about three weeks of vacation, a summer break during the month of July. Apparently, I am constitutionally incapable of planning a trip

Weighty Matters

FOURTEEN DAYS AND SIX POUNDS LATER, the fall edition of Hudson Valley Restaurant Week 2014 is history. The vast majority of the owners of the 200 restaurants that officially participated

Hudson Valley Whiskey: Tasting Notes

BLACK DIRT DISTILLERY Black Dirt Bourbon This whiskey is deep in flavor, spice, oak, grain; there are a myriad of drinks waiting to be mixed with this. CATSKILL DISTILLING CO.


AS THE SPANISH approached the Hopi village of Awatovi, residents poured a line of cornmeal in the sand as a sign to the invaders that they were not to enter.

Celebrations of Christmas Past & Present

WHERE WAS SANTA CLAUS born? It sounds like a trick question (“Who is buried in Grant’s tomb?”) but actually it’s a relevant question for our area because, rather than being

Open-Hearth Cooking

LIGHTING A FIRE adds a festive touch to any occasion, and cooking on that same fire adds to a general sense of relaxation, fun and well-being. The delicious aromas of

Hudson Valley Restaurant Week is back this April 8-21!