Issue 1, 1998



Outdoor Scene with Feasting and Dancing (unknown)


By the glass: Wine with barbecue? Why not? by Steven Kolpan

Some like it hotter.

Hardcore hard-neck. by Leslie Coons

Technique: Marinating. by Gretchen R. Bruce

Tastemaker: John Novi of the 1797 DePuy Canal House. a Valley Table interview

Destinations: The Bangall Country Store and Deli. by Daniel Pinkwater

Locally grown: In praise of small farms. by Keith Stewart

Deja vu: The Dutch oven defense. by Peter Rose

At the market: What's fresh. What's good. Selections from the valley's bounty. by Gretchen R. Bruce


Crunchy apple garlic cake (Patricia K. Reppert / Shale Hill Farm & Herb Gardens)

All-purpose marinade (Allan Katz / Allyn's Restaurant and Cafe)

Fish marinade (Allan Katz / Allyn's Restaurant and Cafe)

Pear custard in hot sake served with crumbled feta cheese (John Novi / DePuy Canal House)

Summer stew of chicken with green vegetables (Peter Rose)

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