Issue 28, 2005



Garlic and tomatoes (William Noonan)


Italian food traditions in Rockland. by Kathy Baruffi

About the business: Paul Parker of Chez Sophie. a Valley Table interview

Lettuce: a lesson. by Ben Belth


By the glass: The next big grape? by Steven Kolpan

Up close: Juan Tutasi. by Abby Luby

Food by the season: Salads, straight up. by Darin Hudson

Up close: Ken Migliorelli. by Abby Luby

Traditions: Homemade root beer. by Michael Pardus

Kitchen garden: On mulberries. by Leslie Coons

Locally grown: Out from winter. by Keith Stewart

Good stuff: Kids cooking in Saugerties; Chutneys; Strawberries; Cool clothes; Kudos to Hudson Valley chefs; Tomatoes; Cucumin.

June-August 05 Events

Openings: Naughty Biscotti; Caffe Macchiato; Spillway House; Il Tesoro; Twist; Peekamoose; Skytop Steakhouse & Brewing Co.

Dining out: Dining al fresco at Nina, Valley and others.


Fabulous farms, food and markets.


Eggplant stuffed with ratatouille (Thomas Griffiths / CMC)

Yellow tomato fondue (Thomas Griffiths / CMC)

Baby greens with fava beans, roasted beets, honey-thyme vinaigrette and Old Chatham Camembert toast (Natalie DiBenedetto / Mina)

Endive, frisee, pear, toasted walnuts and Roquefort (Devin Mills / Peekamoose)

Asparagus salad with mustard-tarragon dressing (Marcus Cuiliano / Aroma Thyme Bistro)

Rabbit fricassee (Paul Parker / Chez Sophie)

Exotic mushrooms with sherry and cream sauce (Paul Parker / Chez Sophie)

Baked goat cheese in puff pastry (Paul Parker / Chez Sophie)

Mulberry pie (Leslie Coons)

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