Issue 36, 2007



Tractor (Erica Hauser)


Lunchtime: Changing on school at a time. by Abby Luby

Fired up in Wingdale. by Josh Rosenfield

Disassembling dinner. by Tracy Frisch

Beer spotting: It was of the most beautiful color. by Jesse May


Good stuff: Kolpan's award; Virtual food; Kelly's coup; Beer picks; Handmade cruets.

June-July 07 Events


Openings: Beacon Creamery; Lucky Chocolates; Fleisher's Rhinebeck; Verdigris Art & Tea; The Wine Store.

Locally grown: On seeds: From F1 to GM. by Keith Stewart

Fabulous farms, food and markets.

Up close: Chris Regan of Sky Farm. by Anne Dailey

By the glass: Drinking inside the box. by Steven Kolpan

Eating by the season: Corn: High as an elephant's eye. by Anne Dailey

The kitchen garden: Squash blossoms, babies and boats. by Barry Ballister

Seasonal beer picks: Weihenstephaner dunkel; Flying Dog doppelbock; Dogfish Head barley wine.

Saving the season: Strawberries; rhubarb; broccoli; beans; cherries; radishes. Plus, preserving food using lacto-fermentation. by Anne Dailey


Creamy summer corn (Chef Jesse Frederick / Gigi Trattoria)

Corn and chanterelle chowder (Chef Marc Propper & Chef Justin Marino / Miss Lucy's Kitchen)

Cornmeal upside-down cake (Kathy Balis / Babette's Kitchen)

Stuffed squash blossoms (Barry Ballister)

Basic batter-fried squash blossoms (Barry Ballister)

Fried spicy squash blossoms (Barry Ballister)

Stuffed squash boats (Barry Ballister)

Lacto-fermented dilly beans (Seth Travins / Hawthrone Valley Farm)

Eating By The Season

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