Issue 41, 2008



Strawberry fields forever? by Tracy Frisch

Eat local and laugh: We're all in this togther. by Todd Essig

On stonewalls & stoneware. by Jane Herold

Compost that! by Helanna Bratman

It's in the cards. by Jerry Novesky


Good stuff: Saving a CSA; Saving an apple tree; New calendar; Local food challenge; Farm-to-chef dinner.

June-July 08 Events

Books: Endangered food; and a new book from Michael Pollan, Mark Winne and Joel Salatin.

Openings: Woody's All Natural; La Cienega; Bread Alone Cafe; Harvest at Greenwood Lake.

Fabulous farms, food and markets.

Locally grown: Breakdown: Perils of the truck farming life. by Keith Stewart

The kitchen garden: Perennially yours. by Barry Ballister

New crop: Dan Madura of Madura Farms & KayCee Wimbish and Owen O'Connor of Awesome Farm. by Barry Ballister

By the glass: Judgement day. by Steven Kolpan

The chef & the farmer: Erik Johansen of Iron Forge Inn & Alan Ochs of Ochs Orchard. by Steven Kolpan

Eating by the season: Eggs. by Anne Dailey

Saving the season: Strawberries. by Anne Dailey

On the plate: Chicken liver toast.


Seasonal mostarda (Erik Johansen / Iron Forge Inn)

Frozen lemon souffle (Leonard Mott / Le Chambord)

Spaghetti carbonara (Eric Gabrynowicz / Valley Restaurant at the Garrison)

Classic strawberry jam (Marnie MacLean / Thompson-Finch Farm)

Frozen strawberries (Marnie MacLean / Thompson-Finch Farm)

Strawberry margarita (Marnie MacLean / Thompson-Finch Farm)

Chicken liver toast (Kevin Katz / The Red Onion)

Saving The Season

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