Issue 42, 2008



Arne Osterby: at your service. by Abby Luby

Perspective: Michael Newhard. a Valley Table interview

Feeding fido. by Tracy Frisch


Good stuff: Saving more bees; Great wines from Whitecliff; Saying 'no' to plastic.

August-September 08 Events


Books: Farm cooking; Science in the kitchen; Twinkies and a wandering cook.

Openings: ZoraDora's; ZuZu's; The Alternative Baker; Half Moon; Cucina.

Fabulous farms, food and markets.

By the glass: Wine's best friend. by Steven Kolpan

The chef & the farmer: Sam Ullman of Bywater Bistro & Paul Alward of Veritas Farm.

New crop: Dante and Kristin Hesse of Milk Thistle Farm & Pete and Ian Taliaferro of Taliaferro Farms.

Locally grown: The farmer as writer. by Keith Stewart

Saving the season: Concord grape jelly.

Eating by the season: Watermelon dreams. by Anne Dailey

The kitchen garden: Planting late season crops. by Barry Ballister

On the plate: Haricot vert with sliced mushrooms.


Veritas chicken burger (Chef Sam Ullman / Bywater Bistro)

Veritas duck confit (Chef Sam Ullman / Bywater Bistro)

Concord grape jelly (from The White House Cookbook)

Crispy pork belly and watermelon salad (Chef Rich Reeve / Elephant)

Couscous-crusted cod with seared watermelon, arugula, mint and feta cheese (Chef Serge Madikian / Serevan)

Watermelon mango ginger sorbet (Chef Steven Astorin / ZoraDora's Micro Batch Ice Cream)

Haricot vert with mushrooms (Chef Richard Erickson / Bistro-to-Go)

Eating By The Season

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