Issue 47, 2009



Holsteins $15 (Flavia Bacarella)


Branding the region. by Jerry Novesky & Janet Crawshaw

Kids on the farm. by Tracy Frisch


Good stuff: Buddhapesto; Oriole 9 garden; Canal House anniversary; chefs on Chopped; beer and wine fests; tribute for Vinny; Hudson River walkway.

September-November 09 Events

Openings: Hudson Street Cafe; Crew; Avocado; Cornwall Co-Op; Christine's.

New crop: Devin Heuer and Tim Foote of Common Ground Farm.

Up close: Deke Hazirjian of Cornwall Community Garden. by Abby Luby

By the glass: New rule: No rules. by Steven Kolpan

Up close: Francisco Migoya of Apple Pie Bakery Cafe. by Janet Crawshaw

Locally grown: Is there life before farming? by Keith Stewart

At home in the kitchen: The kitchen that apples built. a Valley Table series

Deja vu: Hey, Henry, what's for dinner? by Peter Rose

On the plate: Deep fried pickles.


Gigi bolognese (Laura Pensiero)

Tomato-goat cheese gratin (Laura Pensiero)

Mashed potato-rutabaga-turnip gratin (Laura Pensiero)

Gouda cheese taert (Peter Rose)

Veal meatballs with orange (Peter Rose)

Caraway cookies (Peter Rose)

Deep fried pickle

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