Issue 49, 2010



The green ways of Shabazz Jackson. by Tracy Frisch

About the business: Peter Kelly on hospitality. a Valley Table interview

Special section: Hudson Valley Restaurant Week.

Chefs in shape. by David Neilsen

Fabulous farms, food and markets.

Stone barns redux. by Abby Luby


Good stuff: Maple sugar party; not eating for hunger; another farm camp; seed library; golf for farms.

March-May 10 Events

By the glass: Label lore. by Steven Kolpan

Deja vu: Not just for breakfast anymore. by Peter Rose

Up close: Marge Randles / The Argyle Cheese Farmer. by Tracy Frisch

Locally grown: Farming under cover: high tunnels, low tunnels and greenhouses. by Keith Stewart

Winter farmers' markets.


Vegetarian lentil soup (Chef Gaspare Maniscalchi / Leo's Ristorante)

Buffalo chicken quesadilla (Chef Laura DiGiorno / Valley Restaurant)

Wild nettle and cauliflower soup (Chef Jerry Crocker / Back Yard Bistro)

Pumpkin cornmeal pancakes (Peter Rose)

Stacked flensjes with applesauce (Peter Rose)

"The Best Pancake" (Peter Rose)

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