Issue 50, 2010



Catering's grande dame. by Abby Luby

Special Section: Fabulous farms, food and markets.

Deja vu: General Washington and his walnuts. by A.J. Schenkman


Editors's letter: Sustainable, green, harmonious, nonpolluting and biodegradable.

Openings: Birdsall House; Moviehouse Cafe; No. 9; Pennings.

Sustainable elements: Bird-friendly coffee; a new slaughterhouse initiative; a farmer's definition of "sustainable".

By the glass: The French Paradox at 20. by Steven Kolpan.

Locally grown: Trees on the farm. by Keith Stewart.

Eating by the season: Rhubarb: Reviving an old favorite.

On the plate: Tomato basil bruschetta.

Good stuff: Bounty of the Hudson; National dietary guidelines; Vinegar festival; Outdoor painting; County fairs; Local iron chefs; All You Knead bakery; Natural skin care products.

Events: June-August 10

A Guide to Local Beef


Zucchini Provencal (Abigail Kirsch / Abigail Kirsch Catering Relationships);

Asian minted pea soup with papaya crab garnish (Abigail Kirsch / Abigail Kirsch Catering Relationships);

Miso scallops with edamame puree (Abigail Kirsch / Abigail Kirsch Catering Relationships);

Rhubarb and date tapioca (Gar Wang);

Rhubarb dal (Gar Wang);

Rhubarb and pomegranate refresher (The Art of Indian Vegetarian Cooking);

Rhubarb sherbet (Roy Andries deGrott);

Rhubarb and dried cranberry chutney (Agnes Devereaux / The Village Tea Room);

Tomato basil bruschetta (Jessica Reisman / Homespun Foods)

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