Issue 51, 2010



Living naturally, Gar Wang's way. by Gail Greiner

Special Section: Fabulous farms, food and markets.

I can't believe they're eating the whole thing. by Lorraine Thompson


Editors's letter: The year of eating dangerously.

Openings: Cafe Mio; Grand Cru Beer & Cheese Market; Le Chambord; Momiji Steakhouse & Bar; O'Leary's; Restaurant North; Season onto Season Wine & Liquor Shops.

Sustainable elements: Adaptive reuse in Newburgh; a green roof in Haverstraw.

Locally grown: The farm as art. by Flavia Bacarella.

About the business: Kevin and Tamara Terr's Red Barn David Neilsen.

Eating by the season: Fava: the 2-season bean. by Abby Luby.

By the glass: The path now taken: Exploring new wine Steven Kolpan.

Deja vu: The Palatines turn 300. by Gail Greiner.

Good stuff: Community gardens; wine awards; Vinny's day; wine and veggies; kudos.

Events: September-November 10


Green tomato chutney (Gar Wang);

Sweet potato ravioli (Gar Wang);

Gar's salsa (Gar Wang);

Apple macaroon (Gar Wang);

Green tomato marmalade (Gar Wang);

Vegan Caesar salad dressing (Gar Wang);

Fava bean bisque (Chef Niels Nielsen / Frez);

Maccu (dried fava and fennel soup with polenta) (Chef Megan Fells / Artist's Palate);

Ful medames (traditional Egyptian breakfast) (Chef Nabil Ayoube / Red Hook Country Inn);

Braised lamb neck (Chef Sara Lukasiewicz / Red Devon);

Pate maison (Chef Sara Lukasiewicz / Red Devon);

Braised local pork belly (Chef Brandon Collins / Valley);

Crispy local pig's ears (Chef Brandon Collins / Valley)

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