Issue 7, 2000



Diner Series #4 (Lora Shelley)


By the glass: Beyond 2000: Wines for the new millennium. by Steven Kolpan

Cyber vino: Wine on the web. by Gary Allen

The valley vegetarian: Springing into soup. by Nava Atlas

'sparagus: 'sgood: Grow it, pick it or buy it—you gotta love it. by Leslie Coons

Technique: Individual pear upside-down cake by Matt Hudson of Hudson House of Nyack. by Joe Fitzgerald

Tastemaker: Eve Felder, Sarah Johnston, Susan Lawrence, Nick Citera, Peter Kelly, Bruce Kazan, John Novi and Robert Rosenthal—the future of food in the Hudson Valley as they see it. a Valley Table interview

Waking up to coffee in the Hudson Valley. by Toni Lydecker

Deja vu: How the doughnut got its hole. by Peter Rose

Women who farm: The list isn't long, but it's growing. by Jan Greenberg

Hudson Valley CSAs

Locally grown: The unpeaceable kingdom. by Keith Stewart


Light vegetable stock (Nava Atlas)

Asian mushroom broth (Nava Atlas)

Greek-flavored spinach and orzo soup (Nava Atlas)

Mixed mushroom soup with bok choy (Nava Atlas)

Grilled asparagus (Megan Devitt / Winding Hills)

Pear upside-down cake (Matt Hudson / Hudson House of Nyack)

Olie-koecken (Peter Rose)

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