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To say that we’ve been publishing The Valley Table for 18 years is to brag about the longevity of the magazine. Ditto for the success of Hudson Valley Restaurant Week, which this year celebrates its tenth anniversary. But there are no bragging rights associated with acknowledging that The Valley Table website had remained essentially unchanged since the last century.

Navigating a website should not be a stroll down memory lane. Design, connectivity, interaction and virtually every other aspect of the web seem to advance exponentially, and today’s “online experience” is not only more dynamic, but also easier, faster and more intuitive than it was only a few years—or even months—ago.

Thus we welcome you to the new incarnation of The Valley Table online (well, at least the beta version of it). It’s been re-thought, redesigned, repackaged—and we hope that the site reflects all the good things most people expect a website should be today. It’s been months in the making—and it’s still in flux—but we’re confident that the changes we’ve made, and the new features we’ve added, will make your visit more interesting and easier—and more fun—than before. Let us know what you think.

Hudson Valley Restaurant Week is back this April 8-21!