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Where Poughkeepsie College Students Should Shop for Local Snacks


Calling all Marist College, Dutchess Community College, Vassar College, and Culinary Institute of America students! If you are looking for the perfect place to stock up on delicious dorm-room snacks for late-night study sessions, this guide is for you. 

Dorm life is an exciting notion for every young college student. It offers freedom and a life away from home. Being a residential student means spending two to four years bonding with great people, looking forward to dorm décor shopping, and being in close proximity to campus (waking up 10 minutes before an 8 a.m. – yes, please). To make dorm living even better, stashing your mini fridge with delicious snacks is a plus for packing a bite to bring to class, or for enjoying movie nights with friends. 

Poughkeepsie offers some of the finest colleges in New York. Whether you are a Marist College, Vassar College, Culinary Institute of America (Hyde Park, bordering Poughkeepsie), or Dutchess Community College student, there are so many great grab-and-go options in the area to stock your dorm room with yummy snacks. 

Starting with Baked Goods and Sweets 



The Palace Diner

What sounds better than a slice of cake, pie, or a specialty dessert in your dorm fridge for an indulgent midnight snack? The Palace Diner offers delicious cake and pie options such as “Palace 7-High Chocolate Cake,” red velvet cake, apple pie, and blueberry pie. It also offers an assortment of cupcakes, muffins, cookies, cannolis, and eclairs. So, if you’re out to dinner with friends and don’t have room for dessert, bring a goodie (or two) back to campus for yourself. 

Culinary Institute of America – 2.2 mi, 5-min drive 
Dutchess Community College – 2 mi, 6-min drive 
Marist College – 1 mi, 4-min drive 
Vassar College – 3.4 mi, 12-min drive 

The Pastry Garden

Speaking of delicious pastries, The Pastry Garden has a lot of unique treats to step up your dorm snack game. With sour cream, almond, raisin, and pumpkin scones, along with French toast and corn muffins, fresh fruit tarts, and cherry turnovers, there’s something for everyone. Also look for Italian rainbow cookies, coconut macaroons, blueberry cheese strudel, apple dumplings, and pecan bars. 

Culinary Institute of America – 6 mi, 12-min drive 
Dutchess Community College – 6 mi, 13-min drive 
Marist College – 4.8 mi, 11-min drive 
Vassar College – 4.4 mi, 14-min drive 

The Crafted Kup 

Offering delicious coffeehouse options, The Crafted Kup is a must for fresh-made baked goods when stopping in for a cup of joe. Grab a morning glory muffin, chocolate croissant, ginger hazelnut scone, and peanut butter cookie to stash up on sweets or quick breakfast options for the week.  

Culinary Institute of America- 5.6 mi, 11-min drive 
Dutchess Community College- 3.1 mi, 9-min drive 
Marist College- 4.4 mi, 11-min drive 
Vassar College- 0.7 mi, 4-min drive, 13-min walk 


For Local Aficionados

Adams Fairacre Farms 

A Hudson Valley staple, Adams Fairacre Farms is one of the best grocery stores to shop for local, fresh food and snacks. Grab some organic bread from Bread Alone, perfect to pair with butter or to make a sandwich in your dorm to bring with you on the go. Stock up on Ronny Brook chocolate milk, Harney & Sons specialty teas, Bear Mountain Coffee, locally produced yogurt, honey, jams, and jellies, and locally grown berries, apples, and carrots. 

Culinary Institute of America- 6.6 mi, 14-min drive 
Dutchess Community College- 3.6 mi, 10-min drive 
Vassar College- 1.8 mi, 7-min drive 
Marist College- 5.4 mi, 13-min drive 

Arlington Farmer’s Market 

Start the semester off right by shopping for locally grown produce and other scrumptious food. Running on Thursdays through mid-fall, head to the Arlington Farmer’s Market for locally produced goods from Gary’s Pickles, Little Loaf Bakeshop, Cooperstown Cheese Co., and Meredith’s Bread. There is a lot to see at the farmers’ market, don’t forget to check out non-food items as well.  

Culinary Institute of America- 5.5 mi, 11-min drive 
Dutchess Community College- 3.1 mi, 10-min drive 
Vassar College- 0.7mi, 4 min drive, 11-min walk 
Marist College- 4.4 mi, 10-min drive 

Budget-Friendly and Delicious 

Ocean State Job Lot 

This may not sound like a place that would sell appetizing snacks, but once you step inside you will be faced with a delicious array of (inexpensive) snack options. Expect to find great name brands, like Pirate’s Booty, Nut-Thins crackers, Blue Diamond nuts, Haribo gummies, and Herr’s pretzels, as well as other delicious chocolate, cookie, and chip options. A lot of the snack products are under $5 (prices may vary), and the shop offers great coupons on its website, making it affordable for any college student.  

Culinary Institute of America- 1.5 mi, 4-min drive  
Dutchess Community College- 2.0 mi, 6-min drive
Vassar College- 4.2 mi, 14-min drive 
Marist College- 0.4 mi, 3-min drive, 8-min walk 


Stewart’s Shops 

Stop into a Stewart’s for snacks galore. Stewart’s has all the snacks you could ever ask for, with a variety of chips, chocolates, gummy candy, nuts, beef jerky, cookies, parfaits, and – the best of all – small pints of flavorful ice cream (if you have a freezer in your mini fridge). These shops also are great for stocking up on beverages like soda, juice, milk, and Gatorade. Stewart’s has a variety of to-go foods such as donuts and breakfast sandwiches, perfect to grab when you are shopping for snacks.  

Culinary Institute of America- 0.4 mi, 1-min drive 
Dutchess Community College- 0.1 mi, 2-min drive 
Marist College- 1.1 mi, 3-min drive 
Vassar College- 1.4 mi, 6-min drive 

*driving times are approximate

Hudson Valley Restaurant Week is back this April 8-21!